Monday, 30 June 2014

Pirelli British Grand Prix Preview

(Pirelli Media)

Pirelli have announced that they will bring the Medium and Hard compound tyre's to this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone following three Grand Prix in a row using the Super Soft and Soft tyre. 

The nature of the circuit layout in Silverstone means that team's tend to run a medium to high down force which means that the Medium tyre has a very low operating temperature and as a result of this it lasts longer and as a result driver's may opt to start the race on this compound before switching to the (orange) walled tyre (the medium being the white walled tyre).

Last season, race winner, Sebastian Vettel won the race for Infiniti Red Bull Racing starting the race on the Medium tyre. The weather conditions for the British Grand Prix are always unpredictable and as a result we could also see either the Intermediate or indeed the Wet tyre being used over the course of the weekend. Speaking ahead of this weekend's Grand Prix Pirelli Motorsport Director Paul Hembrey said:

'Silverstone is one of the truly great venues of the year, which is steeped in history and always thrilling for the drivers and fans because of the high speeds involved. British fans are among the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic of the year: it’s absolutely fantastic to see them out in full force, whatever the weather. And the weather is always a talking point in Silverstone of course; in the past we’ve seen everything from bright sunshine to torrential rain. 

As a result, the ability to make quick strategy decisions based on real-time conditions is always very important, as you can’t necessarily rely on previous data. We’ve brought our two hardest tyres, which should be well suited to the conditions, and after the race we look forward to the final dedicated in-season tyre test of the year, from Tuesday to Wednesday. Ferrari and Marussia will be driving for us on the first day, with Red Bull and Lotus on the second day, as we continue our development test campaign.

A number of team's will take part in the final two day in season test which will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week immediately proceeding the British Grand Prix in Silverstone. Ferrari and Lotus will be in action on the opening day while Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Mercedes AMG Petronas will run on Wednesday. All team's present at the test will conduct work for Pirelli.

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