Friday, 13 June 2014

Haas considered purchasing team


According to reports in the media, Haas Formula CEO Gene Haas has revealed that last year he considered purchasing an existing Formula One team. The American NASCAR team owner confirmed recently that his new F1 entry will make its Formula One debut in 2016 rather then next season as planned. He revealed:

'We did look a little bit, I would say almost a year ago, at buying a team but we ended up with a lot of complex issues that had to be resolved and, generally speaking, you end up spending more money than starting with a clean sheet so we really think this a better way to do it. The compromise is that I think it takes a bit longer to do it.'

Haas has revealed that he will announce shortly who the team's power unit supplier will be with Ferrari being linked to the American team. 

He revealed that an agreement will not just be an power unit supply and transmission deal but also a technical tie up. A technical partnership would allow the team to purchase KERS and ERS units from their new partner. 

The decision to enter Formula One in 2016 means that the team will be in a position to build their own chassis rather then getting support from Dallara which was the teams original plan of action.

It had been reported that the team were interested in purchasing the Lotus F1 Team however, Haas recently denied this saying that he had never visited the Lotus F1 Team's HQ in Enstone.

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