Thursday, 26 June 2014

Standing restarts given the green light for 2015

(Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

Formula One will introduce standing restarts from 2015 onwards following after a meeting of the World Motorsport Council ratified the proposal. As a result, following a safety car period the FIA race director will decide whether or not the situation warrants a standing restart and if it does cars will line-up on the grid in race order and it will be a full race star.

On the technical side, driver's will from 2015 only be permitted to use four engine's per season before penalties are applied, currently five engine's can be used per driver per season.

The FIA have also confirmed a number of changes.

Testing has also been changed so that there will be three 4 day preseason tests all of which will take place in Europe. While in season testing will continue with 2 two day test session's.

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